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    Starbear Woman

     Soulacles &  Sound

My rates for readings are:

  • $8     (1 Intuitive card)

  • $11   (Quick Current Energy                     Check-in)

  • $22   (30 mins General Overview)

  • $33   (1 hour Deep Dive)

All readings can be done in person, via zoom or a video can be recorded.

My rates for journeys, retrievals, and guided meditation are:

  • $88   (1 session -1 hour)

  • $111   (2 sessions -1 hour each)

  • $222   (2 sessions - 2 hours each)

  • $333 (3 sessions - 2 hours each)

All services can be done in person or via zoom.

Want an intuitive reading, shamanic journey, soul retrieval or guided meditation?

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    On my youtube channel, I offer...

  •   Healing & Inspirational Music                   

  •   Guided Meditation Music                   

  •   Soulacle Readings & Inspired Messages 


Ana Rachel Loewen

Ana Rachel Loewen
Being Understood
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Being Understood

Awakened, My Beloved: **REVAMPED & REVITALIZED**
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Awakened, My Beloved: **REVAMPED & REVITALIZED**

Monthly Medicine Introduction
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Monthly Medicine Introduction

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(I would love to give credit to whoever created this beautiful lion picture, but I found it as public domain.
I added some indigo to it because indigo is my colour, and this picture best represents my energy now.
Angel woman is public domain. Peace Bear by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grand Jean.
Pillars are from the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland

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